Admissions “In-Year” Casual Transfer and Admissions Appeals Information

“In-Year” Casual Transfer Applications 


An “in-year admission” means any application for a place other than the normal year of entry, i.e. outside the normal Year 6 to 7 transfer.   Admission to the school during the school year depends on whether or not there are places.

Admission Policies for the school can be found here

How to apply – All “in-year” casual transfers are co-ordinated by South Tyneside Council, Admissions Department and further information including the “in-year” casual transfer application form can be found on the South Tyneside Council website and further information from South Tyneside Council can be found via this link

For further information around Admissions or Appeals for Whitburn Church of England Academy – Contact Mrs T Lennox, Principal’s PA, via the Main School Office on 0191 5293712.

Admission Appeal Hearings 


In accordance with the School Admission Appeals Code, admission authorities must set a timetable for organising and hearing education appeals. The following timetable applies to appeals for admission to the Academy in Year 7 in September 2022.

Year 6 – Year 7 Transfer (timetable)


Tuesday 1st  March 2022 (National Offer day) Secondary ‘Offer Day’.  Notification sent to parents

Friday 11th March 2022 Initial deadline for parents to return acceptance slip (for oversubscribed schools only)

Friday 11th March 2022 Deadline for parents to request to place their child’s name on a waiting list

Friday 11th March 2022 Deadline for parents to request an appeal form for Secondary Schools

Wednesday 16th March 2022 Any places that have become available will be allocated from the waiting list in criteria order

Thursday 17th March 2022 Appeal forms sent out where requested

Thursday 31st March 2022 Where parents have not returned their acceptance slip for oversubscribed schools the Authority may withdraw the offer of the school place

Friday 29th April 2022 Deadline for appeal forms to be returned

June 2022 Appeals to be heard.

Appeals in respect of in-year applications will be heard within 30 school days of receipt.

Appellants (the person(s) lodging an appeal) will receive a letter notifying them of the date, time and venue of the appeals panel appointed to hear their appeal at least 14 days before the hearing.

Appellants and the admission authority must provide the clerk to the appeals panel with any documents they wish to submit to the panel no later than 8 days before the appeals hearing.

The clerk to the panel will send to the panel, the appellants and the admission authority all the documentary evidence  to be considered at the hearing at least 7 days before the hearing.

The clerk to the panel will send a letter to the appellants and the admission authority notifying them of the Panel’s decision and the reasons for the decision within 7 days of the hearing wherever possible.

For further information contact: Mrs T Lennox, Principal’s PA, Whitburn C of E Academy on 0191 5293712

Temporary Arrangements to Appeal Hearings during Covid:

The temporary changes to the processes for admissions appeals have been extended to 30 September 2022.  Guidance on the changes and confirmation of this extension can be found here:- Changes to the admission appeals regulations during the coronavirus outbreak – GOV.UK ( 

In summary the temporary changes are shown below:-

Face to face hearings should not take place until the guidance on social distancing indicate it is safe to do so.

The changes enable remote appeal hearings to take place, and where this is not possible, hearings based on written submissions

Appeals should be lodged as soon as possible and determined in line with the temporary timescales contained within the temporary regulations (please check the guidance/regs for full details)-:-

deadline for lodging an appeal at least 28 days from decision,

14 days written notice to be given to appellant of an appeal hearing,

new or revised reasonable deadlines may be set for submission of evidence,

decision letters within 7 days of hearings.

Panels must have 3 members (Chair and 2 others as set out in the admissions appeal code) but a panel of 2 members can continue to hear an appeal where a third panel member has had to withdraw for a reason linked to Covid

School applications for foreign national children and children resident outside England


Information from the Government website is available via this link  School applications for foreign national children and children resident outside England – GOV.UK (