Assessment & Target Setting Overview

KS3 Assessment 

The Academy has introduced a new assessment system for Key Stage 3, details can be found below.

2021_Parents Guide Key Stage 3 Assessment

KS4 Assessment

Assessment Grids for Each Subject


Target setting

We use Fischer Family Trust Aspire (FFT) to generate target and aspirational GCSE grades at Key Stage 4. All targets are end of Key Stage 4 targets.

FFT Aspire is the UK’s leading education data analysis tool. It is used by over 13,500 schools, MATs, local authorities and academy chains’

  • FFT 50 is used for our students’ target grades.
  • FFT 20 is used for our students’ aspirational grade.
  • FFT 50 is considered average difficulty, when compared to national outcomes.
  • FFT 20 is considered high, when compared to national outcomes.


  • Key Stage 3 targets have now been withdrawn as the Academy moves towards a new grading system (V, S, M, D) at Key Stage 3, where the aspiration for all students to become ‘secure’ or ‘very secure’ in their learning. 
  • Year 10, Year 11 targets and Year 12 are available in Go4Schools, which use the FFT outcomes described above.
  • Y13 do not have targets as they received Teacher Assessed Grades


A guide to viewing student reports