Acceptable Uniform

It is the Academy policy that all pupils wear the following uniform:    


  • A knee length black school skirt or pair of formal trousers either from the Academy’s recommended supplier, or of a matching style from another supplier
  • However we do not recommend skirts for school wear as they tend to be short and impractical.  However, if students wish to wear them, black skirts that sit on the knee with opaque black tights (not footless tights) are acceptable
  • No short/tight skirts or stretchy, body hugging skirts or skirts worn on the hips plus no unsuitable materials such as lycra
  • A black V neck jumper or cardigan with the school logo
  • A long or short sleeved formal white shirt with a formal collar. Please note this must be a formal shirt that can be tucked comfortably into the waistband
  • Either black or white socks with trousers only
  • Plain black school shoes, heels no greater than 2cm with no coloured embellishments
  • No jewellery, except a watch
  • Plain black or navy outdoor coat or Academy Royal Blue PE Fleece or Academy Royal Blue PE Rain Jacket
  • Academy tie, including Prefect / Senior Prefect tie, Head Boy / Girl tie, or House Captain tie, as appropriate
  • Suitable bag to carry books and equipment
  • A clear, refillable water bottle

Not Acceptable

  • Leather or ‘leather – look’ coats, hooded tops, zipped tops, cardigans, jumpers or sweatshirts without the school logo or any high collars which obscure the tie
  • Short or fitted fashion blouses (school shirts must be of traditional design and tucked in)
  • Baseball caps
  • Jeans or any trousers with rivets
  • Any skirt which is not at least knee length
  • Tight or clingy or lycra type skirts
  • Boots worn with skirts
  • Fashion trousers, slim fitting or short
  • Trousers with fashion zips
  • Coloured embellishments or coloured adornments on shoes
  • Any skirt which is not of the approved types shown on the Academy web site
  • Hipster trousers worn immodestly so that underwear or midriff is on display
  • Trainers or trainer-type shoes usually (exemplified with coloured soles, trims or logos), fabric pumps or sandals. Students wearing trainers will work in the Quiet Room, unless excused by a written medical note
  • Any jewellery other than watches will be confiscated; including rings, earrings, bracelets or any other piercing. Students should have any new piercing timed to coincide with the start of the summer holiday to ensure any jewellery can be removed to attend school in September. Retainers/ear expanders will not be allowed
  • No make–up, fake tan, acrylic nails or nail varnish is allowed
  • Unnatural hair colouring are not permitted; the interpretation of ‘unnatural’ is as follows: “colour that is not found within the natural hair colour spectrum, i.e. a bright, extreme or vivid colour and contrasts.”
  • Fully or partially shaved haircuts (below a 1 guard – no tram lines or skin fade)
Please note that our uniform is very simple and places little financial burden on parents/ carers.  Please do not be nagged into spending a fortune on designer items as they are neither needed nor desirable. Pupils are expected to dress in full Academy uniform from the moment you leave home in the morning until you return home at night.
N.B. Parents who are in extreme hardship may need to contact the Academy Business Office and the Academy will endeavour to assist as appropriate on a case by case basis.