PE Uniform

Letter sent to parents/carers 16th October to clarify policy: PE Kit Requirements

Student Showers

Students are expected to shower after taking part in PE lessons as it is unhygienic to remain unwashed after vigorous physical activity.  However, we would like to assure you that your modesty and safety have been taken into account when designing the changing rooms and the cubicles are for individuals.  You will therefore need to bring a towel and soap/shampoo on the days that you have PE.

Mouth Guards

It is essential that mouth guards be worn by students in PE lessons involving contact sports such as rugby and hockey, to offer a measure of protection against mouth or jaw injuries. The most effective mouth guards are custom fitted from a dental impression of the teeth. However, the Academy has a supply of self-moulding mouth guards available for purchase from the Stationery Shop. The responsibility for the standard of mouth guards provided rests with the parent/carer.

Severe weather

During periods of severe weather the school may modify uniform regulations for a temporary period in the interest of Health and Safety of the pupils. Students and parents/carers will be advised of any changes by Secondary Contact, the school website or twitter.