A Year of DofE Posted on: 7 Feb 2018

2017 was an exciting year for the Academy as we presented to 6 of our Year 13 leavers with their Gold Certificates – the first ever to be completed in our Academy! 

We are extremely proud of two of our current Year 13 students are the first to complete their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards at the Academy.  Many congratulations to all the Gold award holders, but especially to Lauren Bradford and Sam Hall on this fantastic achievement!

We are delighted that the Academy can now offer all three levels of the Award and are grateful for the continued partnership with Simonside Outdoor Adventure.  Without their support, none of this would be possible.  In the Academic year 2016-17, 93 past and present pupils were presented with their Bronze Awards.  Some past pupils have completed their Awards four years after completing their Bronze expedition at the Academy.  In addition, 17 Silver Awards have been presented.

We are looking forward to more Awards being achieved throughout 2017-18.  90 pupils and students are working towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards and Mr Sheard continues to encourage past participants to complete their sections in order to achieve their certificates.  Although, participants have until they are 25 to complete any Award, the Academy would encourage all pupils to complete before they leave the Academy.  If you think that you have completed your DofE, but have not received your certificate, please contact the Academy.

DofE Presentation 2017