Reporting Absence

contactus1[1]Parents/Carers must telephone the academy on the first day of absence.

You can ring our dedicated absence line on 0844 239 3457 or ring the Academy number and press option 2 which will transfer you to this line.

You can also text us your child’s absence on 07624 816806.  Please ensure you leave your child’s full name, form class, reason for absence and your relationship to the child.

If no communication is received, we will contact home or other contacts provided.

If your child is going to be absent for more than 3 days then you must contact the academy again; work can be requested if you think your child will be able to complete it.

You should always provide a note for your child when he/she returns to school after being absent or use the ‘Explanation for Absence’ slip at the back of their planner; a phone call is insufficient.

Pupils are expected to catch up on all work missed.