Active Whitburn Project Posted on: 17 Sep 2018

This term we have launched our ‘ActiveWhitburn’ project which is aimed at increasing the amount of regular physical activity which our students participate in.  Regular participation in activities such as cycling and walking have huge benefits for the emotional and social well-being of young people as well has helping to develop their brain function which in turn will improve their learning and progress.  In partnership with the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England we are encouraging greater participation through activities such as;

  • Mr Hardie’s ‘Couch to 5K’ running club
  • Purchasing more balls for students to play with at lunchtime
  • Redesigning the extra curricular offer to provide more of the activities that students wanted
  • Training a wider range of staff to deliver more activities
  • Inter form ‘Step challenge’
  • Investigating how we can make learning more physically active

The project runs from September to April and you can follow us on twitter via the #ActiveWhitburn.  We are asking all our students to record in their planners the amount of physical activity they take part each week.  One way in which parents and carers can support this is to monitor your child’s planner to check they are doing this.  Another way in which you can support is to donate to our minibus fund at  The minibuses are vital for helping our students attend sports fixtures, but they are coming to the end of their lives.  Any donations to help us towards our target of £25,000 would be gratefully received.