Gum becomes a Work of Art Posted on: 1 Oct 2014

Artwork is well underway for the autumn project called Street Art Heroes and Whitburn Church of England Academy has been at the centre of it!Chewing Gum Artwork
Project leader of Street Art Heroes, Garry Hunter, (an international artist in his own right), has brought together some of the world’s best Street Artists to create murals in the streets of Sunderland, South Tyneside and in our school too!  Cambridge’s Ben Wilson, aka ‘The Chewing Gum Man’ created a vibrant, personal and miniature chewing gum picture on our amazing balcony (pictured below: Ben Wilson, The Chewing Gum Man, with our Year 9 Art Leaders Erin Dix, Rachel Gilmore and Jack Richardson). Art Leaders Chewing gum man Ideas from Year 11 pupils helped to shape the piece, which is the process The Chewing Gum Mank uses to create his art; “it’s the interaction with people that I love” he said.  His distaste for rubbish and chewing gum, has for 10 years led him to create colourful artwork “that changes something disgusting and thoughtless into something more positive” he went on to say.  A large number of our pupils had the once in a lifetime opportunity to talk to the artist, listen to what he had to say about individual actions affecting others, ask questions and witness the technique of actually making a chewing gum picture.  Pupils also had a go at drawing their own response!  Lasting for approximately 6-8 years there are another four pieces of amazing artwork dotted around Whitburn Village, so see if you can find them, they might look something like this!Village Art Chewing Gum