F1 Club Visit Nissan Posted on: 15 Feb 2017

F1 Club runs every year for year 7 and 8 pupils, it is a club which focuses on team work, design skills, management skills and engineering skills. The club has been very popular this year and with our links with NISSAN we have been able to take two groups of 12 to NISSAN to design, work together and build their F1 cars, which will be used in two competitions the NISSAN F1 competition and F1 in Schools competition.IMG_3076

In January 2017 the F1 Club worked with NISSAN for two weeks; in which pupils learned to use CAD CAM engineering software to design and build their F1 cars, pupils had to think about the shape and the aerodynamics of the car.  Pupils must also work as a team, just like in formula 1 and each team member has a job to complete, which includes Team Principal, Identity Manager, Engineer and Marketing Manager. The year 7 pupils who attended the course also received an Industrial Cadets certificate, which is recognised by most engineering companies and has been a fantastic experience and opportunity for the pupils involved.

We have been running the F1 Club for a few years now and we have attended Regional and National Competitions; this is the first year we have had the opportunity to send Year 7 pupils to work with an amazing team at NISSAN and have them aid us in our manufacturing, team building and portfolio work. We are delighted to work with such a great team at NISSAN and develop our industrial links, which will open opportunities for all our pupils.

We hope to do well in the NISSAN F1 competition and the F1 in Schools competition; I know our pupils will try their very best!