Girls in Science and STEM Posted on: 29 Mar 2018

Women in Science Event

On 9th March Mr Ahmed and Mrs Grey took 14 Year 8 and Year 9 pupils to a Women in Science event at Newcastle High School for Girls.

The event was very entertaining with lots of experiments and explosions!  The later part of the event saw women who already work at Siemens talking to the girls about how they became involved in engineering, what their roles were and why they had chosen engineering as their career path.  It was very interesting, our girls were interviewed towards the end of the event by a reporter from the local press, who asked for their feedback and reasons for wanting to attend the event.


Girls in STEM Event

On 15th March Mr Oren took ten Year 7 girls to an event at St James’ Park in Newcastle: Accenture’s’ annual ‘Girls in STEM’ event.

This event is a huge showcase of women in the STEM field and inspired and informed the girls of the fantastic variety of STEM learning and careers.

The core focus of the day was all about exciting workshops alongside inspiring speakers and an ‘innovation lounge’, which they all loved and fully engaged with.  Jessica Juby won a ‘DIY Drone’ and a voucher for asking a fabulous question of the Q&A panel.  The girls learned a lot about the range of careers and education available to them, as well as the importance of the need for more females in STEM.