iMLS Online Library Posted on: 15 Apr 2016

‘Appy pupils and their parents and carers are now able to explore our academy library system while in school, at home or out and about. The iMLS App, which is available from the App Store and Android Market, can be downloaded onto an iPhone, iPad touch or Android phone and all allow instant access to our wonderful academy library.

Not only can parents, carers and pupils see what books and other resources we have in stock, they can also search for books, write reviews, reserve books, see which books they currently have on loan and which books they have borrowed in the past.

The “Who next?” feature even recommends new books and authors based on what each pupil has previously read.

Our new resource not only brings our library facilities into the twenty-first century but also gives us further scope to engage our pupils in reading which means adding to their enjoyment of books and, in turn, developing their vocabulary and their understanding and engagement with ideas and the world around them.

If pupils have any questions about the app, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs Young or Mr Gardner in the Library.