Limited School Opening: Information for parents / carers who are eligible to send their children to school during the forced closure period. Posted on: 25 Mar 2020

From Thursday 26th March the school will be closed completely until further notice.

The school has been opened previously to the following students:

> Parents / carers who are ‘key workers’ (as defined by the DFE)
> Children classified as ‘vulnerable’
> Children with Education and Health Care Plans

Currently we have no eligible parents/carers who need to access this provision for their children. Government advice remains to stay at home. To minimise the risk of spreading this virus any further and to prevent children and staff making unnecessary, non-essential journeys, we have currently no option but to close the school building.

We understand that the current situation is fluid, and demand from parents/carer’s who are ‘key workers’ may change very suddenly. If there is a change to your circumstances that requires your child / children to attend school in the future days and/or weeks we will need to know in advance. This will enable us to ensure that enough staff are available to open the building and safely supervise any children.

As per the Government guidance, this service should only be used if absolutely essential. If for any reason your circumstances have changed and you do require your child to be supervised during the school day please email the main office at [email protected]  

We ask that all eligible parents/carers give us at least 24 hours’ notice, so we can safely open the building and resource the correct number of staff required.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mr John Crowe