New Catering Service Gets Ready to Launch Posted on: 16 May 2016

In an ongoing effort to further enhance the experience of our pupils, students and staff at the Academy, a new catering service is being launched after half term.

Our current catering staff team has done sterling work over that last years and the food served in Food for Thought has been well received. A big thank you is deserved from everyone at the academy!

We conducted a rigorous tendering process in which several companies competed to work with us. This involved tasting sessions, and in the Whitburn tradition we asked our pupils and students as well as staff and governors to take part.

Mellors Catering Service was the eventual winner and will be providing the catering services; our current staff will join their team and be given additional training and support.

There will be no change to the prices of a basic meal, and arrangements around payments and Free School Meals will remain unchanged.

We hope to have more news soon, once we officially start work with Mellors, but for now, here are some quotes from our students and pupils.

Here are some quotes from our pupils and students.


‘I was very impressed with the quality of the presentation and it tasted really nice’.

‘The presentation was great and so was the taste’.


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