Show Racism the Red Card Posted on: 23 May 2017

For the 2nd year in a row, a pupil from our Academy has won 1st place in the creative writing category for the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ competition.

The piece, written by Marie-Anne Schroeder in Year 7, was chosen from over 60,000 entries and she was invited to Leicester City’s football ground to receive her award from the manager of the England Football Team, Gareth Southgate.

What a fantastic achievement and experience for Marie-Anne and her family, who all had an amazing time at the presentation.  You can read the winning piece below.


by Marie-Anne Schroeder

I was only eight when it happened and it still haunts me to this day… I had just go out of school (in those days, children could walk home from school themselves) so I set off down the road in the pouring rain.  I knew it was going to happen again.  The boy.  The mean boy would find me.  I had to walk past his school to get home and I knew he’d find me.  Maybe I could take a different route?  But mummy had told me to go the exact way she had said or I might get lost.  She also told me NOT to talk to strangers or get into people’s cars, even if I think I know them.

Then suddenly I saw it.  It was approaching.  The school.  The bleak grey building, Wedmester School for Boys.  That’s what it said in bold on the sign.  I crept past it; he wasn’t there… I started walking now.  Strolling, smiling.  I felt proud and powerful as I walked, like a queen towards the corner.  Then, from behind a wet bramble bush someone grabbed me by my hood of my coat.  I squealed.

I looked up into this small pinched face, his dark messy hair tumbled over his unkind eyes.  His smile widened when he saw my terrified face.  Then I heard his dark husky voice.  A voice that would make someone wince just listening to it.