Summer School 2021 Posted on: 21 Oct 2021

This year 181 Year 6 students attended a 5 day Summer School from Monday 26th July to Friday 30th July 2021.  The school day ran from 9:30am-3:00pm and pupils who were eligible for Free School Meals were provided with a daily packed lunch. We provided a wide range of activities offering a blend of academic education and enrichment activities to give pupils a taste of secondary school life and to offer an opportunity to familiarise them with some of our staff and facilities. There was a range of subjects on offer and learning was delivered through a mixture of fun activities and some formal lessons in core subjects by teaching staff and external providers. Students learnt about the ethos of our school community and the ‘Be Values’ that our school community has chosen. Attendance at Summer School helped pupils ‘Be Ready’ for the challenges ahead.

We received Summer School funding of £59.70 per student per day which we used to fund the following summer school specific expenditure:

  • Qualified teaching staff costs
  • Teaching assistant costs
  • Support staff costs
  • SEND support staff costs
  • Administration and site staff costs
  • Educational materials for use in Summer School (including CAT tests)
  • Costs of school trip, including transport costs and entrance fee
  • External speakers, including a talk from Craig Heap a motivational speaker from ‘Raising the Bar’
  • External providers, including a Theatre Company who performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream for all students
  • Catering costs for pupil premium students
  • Celebrating achievement afternoon, including disco and catering costs for all students
  • Materials sourced to support students transition to secondary school and their mental health at Summer School and beyond