Thurston Visit Posted on: 8 Jun 2016

Some of our Year 7 and 8 pupils recently had the opportunity to spend the weekend at Thurston.  They enjoyed a variety of activities and team building exercises.  Comments from the pupils include:

My experience at Thurston was amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it! The teachers put a lot of effort into taking us there. I especially enjoyed the water activities including ghyll scrambling and canoeing. We even made it to the far side of the lake and got hot chocolate and marshmallows which was divine!!!

Hide and seek in the dark was great.

I went to Thurston thinking I was going cycling and climbing but I got to do new activities at a whole new level including scrambling, kayaking and canoeing. All of these were great. We were all grouped with our friends which we loved. The food was excellent, you were even allowed seconds! A full English breakfast was served each day which fuelled us for our adventurous day ahead.