Whitburn creates European Links Posted on: 15 Nov 2017

The Academy recently welcomed Margarita Morejon, a Spanish Teacher from Malaga, who joined us as part of a European wide research programme for teachers. Marga, who flew home at the weekend, has asked us to share her experience:

As part of a Research Programme for Spanish teachers, I have just spent two weeks taking part in school life by observing different lessons throughout the school. Both teachers and students have made me feel welcome and I have learnt a lot from my colleagues.

I have enjoyed being able to watch the learning process at work and I must say that there is a lot being learnt. At the same time, the youngsters (and not so young, like those in the Sixth Form) seem to be happy and I am sure they will take away lots of good memories, as I will too.

I cannot thank the people in management enough (particularly Mr. Shaw), the MFL department and every other staff member I have been in touch with, as well as the students. The school is beautiful but what makes it like this is not just the location or the facilities but the people inside and what they do. I hope this is just the start of possible future collaborations.