Whitburn Pupils meet Brazilian Artist Posted on: 1 Oct 2014

Alex Senna graffiti artistThe latest addition to The Cultural Spring’s “Street Art Heroes” Project had been the striking graffiti artist Alex Senna (pictured right) from Brazil who travels the worlds spray painting on walls.  He also visited the school and created a graffiti style artwork.  Senna’s figurative work is based around relationships and love.  He had an ‘original’ plan but altered his ideas after visiting the school and meeting our wonderful pupils. The large scale artwork is located outside the library, overlooking the sea, so the whole community can view the art, via the coastal path.  It depicts a floating boy with an open book “as if reading has taken him to a higher plane” says Senna.  The birds represent the boy’s conscience!  He’s even wearing our school tie.

Pupils, across all year groups, were so excited about both street artists coming to their school.  Both Wilson and Senna commented on how polite, smart and welcoming the pupils were and how open minded the Head, Mr Hardie was towards urban art.  The talk on the corridors has been Art, Art, Art and it’s been an amazing experience for all involved.  After meeting Senna Year 11 pupils (especially James Schofield) couldn’t wait to try their hand at spray painting in their art lesson!  Year 9 pupils drew their own version of Senna’s work based on their own thoughts and ideas (see James Caldwell’s fabulous sketch). Perhaps one of our pupils will be the next Banksy, who knows, it could be you!

Montreal Artist ‘Roadsworth’s work is also amazing and his fun, yet thought provoking work, is located on the ground outside TK Max and the Sunderland Empire… so why don’t you google it…but better still go and see it!  “His work is so modern you’ll just love it!” says Mrs Dembry Head of Art.

A map of all the street art will be on our website soon so watch this space and be inspired!Senna finished artwork