Whitburn Students Conquer GCSE Exams Posted on: 23 Aug 2018

Whitburn Students Conquer New Tougher GCSE Exams

Whitburn students have once again achieved excellent GCSE results, despite the huge changes to the examination and grading system.  Students achieved one of our highest ever pass rates, with 80% achieving a pass in both English and Maths and 81% of all grades at C (4) or above, making us once again one of the top performing state schools in the region.  Two of our students gained a grade 9, 8 or A* in every subject taken, placing them amongst the group of highest performing students nationally.  However, there are also many individual success stories to celebrate.

Mr Hardie commented “I’m incredibly proud of how our students dealt with massive changes to the GCSE examinations.  The reforms have placed every GCSE student under ridiculous levels of pressure, with well over 20 final exams each in a period of around 4 weeks.  Our students coped amazingly well, not only with the sheer number of examinations but also the rapid changes to specifications and limited resources provided by the examination boards for teaching the new courses.  Well done to all of our students for their hard work and their individual achievements and I’m delighted that the vast majority of them are now continuing with us in our highly successful Sixth Form.”