Year 8 Visit to Nissan Posted on: 21 Oct 2015

On Wednesday 7th October I, with all my other classmates, went on a trip to the Nissan Production Plant in Sunderland. When got there we were put into groups and half of us did the tour first and the other half did a quiz.

I did the tour first and it was great. We got to see how all the cars were built and saw robots putting windows on cars and parts being transported by little cars. We walked around production line 2 where the Nissan Leaf and Qashqai are built, it was amazing how quickly everything had to be done and checked. In fact it only took 1 minute for the robots to fit the cars with engines!

After the tour we went into a room and completed a quiz and some puzzles. I was selected to do a quiz about emissions and got all the answers right. We then did a quiz another quiz and my team get almost all the answers right. We then had to make a tower out of 10 spaghetti sticks and 1 metre of tape that could support a whole marshmallow.

It was one of the best trips I’d ever been on!

by Daniel Emery, 8WIMG_0274