Accessibility Plan

Appendix 1 – Access Audit Main School 

Appendix 2 – Access Audit 6th Form

Appendix 3 – Audit Main School

Admissions Policy 2020

Admission Policy 2020 (Sixth Form)

Admission Policy 2021

Admission Policy 2021 (Sixth Form)

Anti-Bullying policy

Attendance Policy (including Sixth Form Attendance Policy)

Asthma Policy

Behaviour Management Policy (full version)

British Values Statement

Charging and Pupil Financial Support Policy

Child Protection Policy (with Covid addendum) and Peer on Peer Abuse Policy and Procedures and Procedures  

Collective Worship Policy

Complaints Policy and Complaints Policy Process Summary (flowchart)

Data Protection (GDPR)

Drugs Policy

Equality (Single) Policy

Exclusion Policy

Home School Communications Policy 

Managing Medications and the Medical Needs of Pupils Including Individual Health Care Plan (appendix 2) and Medicare Plan (appendix 3) and Individual Medication Record (appendix 4)

Publication Scheme (GDPR)

Religious Education (from Sept 2019)

No Smoking Policy

Searching and Confiscation Policy

(SEND) Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy

SEN Information Report

SEN South Tyneside LA Offer – https://www.southtyneside.gov.uk/article/37862/Special-educational-needs

SEN Sunderland LA Offer – https://sunderland.fsd.org.uk/kb5/sunderland/directory/localoffer.page?localofferchannel=0

NEW Uniform Policy (from September 2020)