House Group Information

There are four Houses at the Academy and each tutor group belongs to a House.

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7 W & H I & T B & U R & N
8 W & H I & T B & U R & N
9 W & H I & T B & U R & N
10 W & H I & T B & U R & N
11 CEC & FLG JH & LP LK & GC MC & NT

Boy and Girl House Captains are elected by the pupils in each House and they take the lead in House activities.

Each house is in competition for the House Cup which is awarded to the house gaining the most points.  Points towards your House total can be gained in many ways e.g. Positive behaviour points, academic progress, top form and performance in inter house competitions such as the mini-Olympics.  Each pupil has a House Badge which they must wear as part of their uniform.

4 badges new