Covid-19 and Remote Learning Updates Posted on: 23 Nov 2020

You will be able to access any Covid-19 and Remote Learning information issued on this page. It will be updated with any letters/information sent via Secondary Contact.

NHS Covid-19 Absence – A Quick Guide for Parents/Carers

Sent 16th September 2020 End of First Week Update 

Sent 24th September 2020 Covid and Remote Learning Update

Sent 28th September 2020 Changes to School Day

Sent 2nd October 2020 Face Coverings and Remote Learning Update and NEbus face coverings A4 poster

Four Tiers of Restriction in Education Settings Planning for tiered restrictions – Covid 19

Information for Year 10 IsolationClose contact Letter for Year 10 Sent Monday 23rd November 

Remote Learning Information for Year 10 – Y10 Home Learning Information